Saturday, 4 December 2010

Limbs no.3

The third pair of the gloves is finally done.

This was the pair with the most modifications:
First of all, I started the thumb hole increases in row 23, so that the top of the branches would be as close to knuckles as possible.
Next, I looked at all the things I noted as mistakes during the making of the first two pairs, and tried to avoid doing them again so as not to end up with missing branches.
Since the thumb hole is lower than on the standard pair, I had to improvise with branch placements a bit.
I also added the finger bits.
In retrospect, I should have moved the center trunk a bit more to the centre, since the thumb pulls it a bit.
The last modification: I put red sewing thread around the branches. The idea is that this way it looks more like blood vessels than branches. I will not comment on the amount of time it took me to do that, just that I managed to use up the entire spool of thread (and not the smallest one, either).

But my darling loves them and that's the most important part :-)

You'll probably notice that they are not identical as far as the colour of the thread is concerned; the white has been judged as unfavourable and is waiting to be removed. I just wish someone had decided that before I did it on all three branches...

Friday, 26 November 2010


So, as it was getting colder, I got a request for fingerless mitts. I looked through Ravelry, searching for something crocheted (because my knitting is still slow), non-lacy (because they should be warm) and interesting enough so I would  want to do the second one.

I found this pattern, and it fit the criteria, so I jumped in. 
First, this was my first time working with front and back post double crochets, but I got the hang of it. Then I reached the hand part. Since there are only a couple of hdc-s between each of the branches, it is a bit difficult to follow where you are in the row. I managed somehow and this was the first version:

However, the mitts turned out to be too tight, so there was need for a second, modified version. I started with the foundation chain of 65 and the decreased to the 46/7 of the pattern in rows 7 through 11. I also decided to put threads through every f/bpdc so I wouldn't get as lost in the pattern:

Turns out the pattern is full of glitches. My guess is that since the two are mirror images, that in the rewriting and copying, some of it got doubled. In any case, some rows tell you to make more f/bpdc than necessary, and if you follow the directions you get something like this:

See how the center is missing a couple of branches?

Now I do like the pattern (enough to be thinking about pair no.4;  pair no.3 is done, just needs some additions before I can take the picture), but by now I regard it as more of a general recipe, and don't always follow the written number of stitches between the branches.

The bibs are back

Ok, just one bib this time.
The problem with this one was that I had to copy the chart down by hand, and in doing so I made it one stitch too narrow, so I had to adjust the borders a bit. Still, I think it turned out ok.


A year or so ago I found pictures on the internet of lariats, and even some tutorials on how to do them. I made a sample one, green with red flowers in different shades, but something just didn't sit right, so I never took pictures of it, or published it. Then I. said she wanted me to make something for her friend and sent me a picture, and it was the same thing! Things coming full circle, I guess.

So here is the lariat:

Second flower:

The curly thing

There is no pattern for the string, since it's basically a chain 200 or something and then work back adding hdc-s and dc-s as you wish.
The flowers are these, but worked with two strands, one regular yarn, the other sparkly.

FO: Baktus

This is done. I stopped increasing when I reached the end of the first skein since otherwise it was going to turn out huge and wouldn't fit around the neck.

I think I will have to do another one, but with a thinner yarn, so I can get the full triangle thing.

Halloween roundup

Somehow Halloween always gets me back to crocheting :-)
I wanted something to decorate the workplace. The skull, apple and tombstone are old, left over from last year (and mentioned here and here), the rest was made for this year's Halloween.
Patterns: pumpkin, witch hat, candy corn.

The bigger hat is made with two strands of yarn for each colour; I was planning to wear it as a 'costume', but it turned out to be too big, so I wore the smaller one:

This is the underside: 

I stuffed it so it would stand better.

The pumpkin was also made with two strands, but unfortunately the difference between the two oranges doesn't show up well.

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Saturday, 30 October 2010

The cutest giraffe

Check out this adorable picture:


The blog it is from is here (and a bigger version of the picture) He is looking for the caption, btw, so have a read through the comments, some are hilarious.

I love the giraffe's face, especially the wagging tongue.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Awaiting snowflakes

I got this pattern (Ravelry link) during the Ravelympics. At the time I didn't think I would ever knit it, but I downloaded it anyway, because it would become a paid pattern after the Ravelympics had passed. And now that I have caught the hat bug, into the queue it went!

I am pleased with the result; it is the first stranded knitting object I did, and I didn't have (too many) issues with it.
The only thing I would change is that I wouldn't do it in XL size (I was afraid that my tension would make it extra small)

Modeling it here is the silicone bundt mold. I didn't have to stretch it to get it on.

I do have an issue about the yarn. The red is Unitas Ana, which behaved wonderfully, as usual, but the white (Unitas Lucija) was a bit of a pain; it's very non-smooth (I would say fluffy, but that has a positive connotation) so you can see that it created a slight halo around the snowflakes. Maybe I should have chosen a different yarn, but that's what I had in my stash.

My floats were somewhat bigger at the beginning, since I didn't have access to the internet at the time I got to colourwork and was wrapping them by moving the skeins one over the other. You can see that it improved after a couple of rows.

I did have a couple of problems (entirely my fault) where I moved the pattern by one stitch so I had to rip everything out. 
Another thing I learned during this is that I'm knitting the wrong way, so k2tog and ssk do not look like they are supposed to. (As far as I have been able to figure out, I'm knitting continental, but combined? or something like that). So instead of the ssk, I did k2tog like I normally do, and then did the k2tog with the throwing so I would get the different slants. And I think that worked: 

Since taking the pictures I have washed it so the earflaps are now flat. 
Going to my darling brother as soon as I attach the pom pom on top.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Tomato update

They are delicious! They smell like tomatoes and are wonderfully sweet. And that makes me a happy gardener :-)

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Do not lose me

A friend had a birthday recently and expressed a desire for something knitted / crocheted. Now, this is a guy that would forget his head if it weren't attached, so I decided to make him a bag to carry some essentials.
The essentials in this case are guitar picks and earplugs.

I made it with tapestry crochet technique so the fabric would be denser, and so it wouldn't be just black. There is no pattern, I just made it up as I went along.

The most important part was the clasp at the end of the rope :-) so it can be attached to the guitar bag.
Well, it's there all the time now, I just hope he remembers to put things in it :-)

WIP: Baktus

I went to Unitas a few days ago and bought this pink-purple yarn, only 3 left, and I wanted something easy and problem-free, so I cast on the Baktus scarf. So far, so good. I had to go up a couple of needle sized but other than that, I'm making nice progress. See?

Hat no.2

So, after the first hat turned out a bit too small, I decided to make another one, and make sure it fit me. SO I cast on 124 instead of the 112 stitches, which meant one owl more. Then I went to buy more yarn. unfortunately they didn't have the same shade any more, so I bought one that was similar, and to make it less noticeable, decided to make the owls in a turquoise stripe.

I played with this one more, so there are two rows of cables in the ribbing, and I made sure that the decreases are lined up, and then I finished with an i-cord (this was mostly in preparation for another hat I want to make).

The most important part; it fits! And it's even a bit bit, which is perfect :-)
I'm still debating whether to put buttons for eyes; it'll mostly depend on whether I manage to find any suitable buttons in the shops.